Discarded Litter and Line

As the recent fine weather has seen an increase in M.A.C. members out enjoying the fishing on our still and running waters, unfortunately there has also been an increase in the amount of litter and discarded line and hooks cleared up by our Fisheries Officers and by other members – particularly at Marske reservoir and Hutton Rudby Ponds – To leave litter and line is against the club rules and can be fatal to the resident wildlife. 

All members are reminded to Remove all litter and prepare tinned baits at home as tins are banned on our waters (7-Club Rules) and take line / braid home to dispose of responsibly – We are aware that for the vast majority of our members this goes without saying and we thank you for your continued support. For the minority the message is clear – If you are found to be leaving litter and/or discarded line you will leave the club.

M.A.C. Committee