Rules of Middlesbrough Angling Club

1- The officials and committee shall have the authority to borrow money from the banks and or the club members to raise capital for the purchase of fishing rights etc. for the club.

The annual general meeting shall be held the last Monday in November, there being no December meeting.

2 Entrance Fees
2 (1) Entrance £20.00 plus annual subscription.
2 (2) Subscription rate as declared at A.G.M.
2 (3) Junior Members holding junior E.A. Rod License, £10.00 no entrance fee.
2 (4) Junior membesr under the age of 12 £5.00 no entrance fee.
All Junior under 12 to be accompanied by an adult member at all times.2 (5) Ladies, Disabled and O.A.P’s entrance £5.00 plus annual subscription.

Current and prospective members claiming disabled befits and wishing to claim a disabled concessionary membership must apply to the MAC committee, in writing – this will be considered by the committee and administrated at their discretion.

The club shall accept no responsibility for members fishing on club waters or in club organized activities.

Junior members are those holding a current junior EA rod license, junior members under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult member. On no account shall a member be allowed to fish on club waters, or take part in any club competition who is not a fully paid up member, (excluding open matches).

3 Subscriptions become due on January 1st and MUST be paid by not later than March 31st. No fishing until Subs are paid, failure to do so will result in automatic cessation of membership, and re-application for membership will be necessary. Subscriptions are payable by POST. Enclose your old year card and a stamped addressed envelope. Also payable in local tackle shops. All cheques and postal orders made payable to Middlesbrough Angling Club.

4 Every member shall have issued to them a current year card entitling them to fish the waters of the club in accordance with the salmon and freshwater fisheries acts or any bye-laws made in pursuance thereof. All members must obtain a E.A. rod license.

5 Members must carry their club rule book and current year car with them, and when requested, show them to any other member, riparian owner, tenant or appointment bailiff.

6 No fish includes eels may be taken from club water except trout (10″ overall or greater) 4 in any one day. No fish shall be taken away for re-stocking purposes without previous consent in writing from the committee. No fish must be introduced to any club water without permission in writing from the committee.

7 The following must be observers on all waters at all times. Remove all litter (even if its not yours), No alcohol, guns, dogs, fires,  camping, swimming and radios without headphones.

8 Breach of any rules of the club will liable the offender to expulsions, and loss of any monies paid.

9 No members will be allowed to fish on running water within 30 yards of his neighbor except by invitation of of a member holding any particular position.

10 Members having business to place on the agenda for the annual general meeting shall send written particulars of same to be in the hands of the secretary 4 weeks prior to A.G.M.

11 Any member of the committee absenting himself from four consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation maybe removed from the committee. The committee shall have power to co-opt replacement committee members.

12 The committee shall have the power to expel any member who shall in their opinion render himself unfit from membership of the club.

13 All complaints to be made in writing to the secretary.

14 Marske Reservoir and Hutton Rudby Ponds will remain open throughout the year. All Swale waters closed during coarse close season 15th March to 15th June inclusive.

15 Club rule book and current year card are the property of the club and must be given up on request. Lost books or cards are charged at £5.00 per replacement, and are to be returned to the club on leaving.

16 Should anything transpire for which these rules do not provide, it shall be referred to the committee for settlement.

17 That neither the club nor its committee nor its members shall be liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for any damage, injury, death or loss whatsoever or howsoever occasioned to any member of the club, member of his or her family, or any visitor to waters (being rivers or ponds or other stretches of water) owned leased or fished by the club or its members or visitors as aforesaid howsoever caused and without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, neither the club, its committee nor its members shall be liable or responsive in any way for any damage injury, death or loss as aforesaid, caused by the proximity or presence of the overhead or underground power cables at, or being in such a position at such waters as aforesaid as may be caught, touched or contacted in any way by any rod, line or other piece or part of any equipment being used or about to be used by any member of the club, member of his or her family, or any visitor at such waters as aforesaid.